The only valid mode of submission for the papers shall be uploading the papers to the system via www.dlth2019congress.org. The papers shall be selected by the Evaluation Committee. 

Abstract Writing Rules 

  1. All accepted abstracts shall be published in the congress abstract book. 
  2. Authors to deliver papers are required to be registered to the congress as a participant. 
  3. The Evaluation Committee shall decide on the mode of delivery for the papers (oral or poster presentation).
  4. Abstract shall include the purpose, methodology, results and conclusion of the study. These headings shall be written in bold within the abstract. 
  5. Abstracts shall be submitted only English. 
  6. The space designated for abstract writing is limited to 500 words in the system. 
  7. The font type and size to be used for abstract submission is standardized as Times New Roman and 12 fonts by the system for all abstracts. 
  8. The text shall be in one paragraph. One figure and two tables may be included.
  9. Standard abbreviations shall be accepted. In case of use of special abbreviations, unabbreviated version of the abbreviation shall be written in parenthesis next to the first use of such abbreviation within the text. 
  10. Abstracts shall include the name, surname and affiliated institution of the authors and the person to deliver the presentation. 
  11. Since congress registration is made only on a single name, registration shall not cover the other names stated in the abstract. 
  12. Deadline for abstract submission is 10 MARCH 2019

The status of abstract acceptance shall be notified via e-mail by March 3, 2019. You may contact with D Event PCO, when necessary.